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(Partner Article) Why invest in real estate in Miami? What are the advantages and disadvantages of seasonal rentals? How to go about making a successful investment?

These are some of the themes that were discussed Thursday, May 17, during a conference organized in New York by French Morning, with real estate agent Brigitte Respaut-Clément and real estate lawyer and successions Alexandre Ballerini, partner firm Diaz Reus Targ.

Highlighting the vitality of the Miami tourism market, despite last year's intense hurricane season, Brigitte Respaut-Clément invited participants to look beyond Miami Beach and South Beach for a possible acquisition of property. Founder of OfCourse Miami, an agency that supports French-speaking clients in her Florida real estate investments, she explained the role of her agency in supporting investors to guarantee a "risk-free profitability".

For her, "the lack of knowledge of the rules and uses of real estate in the United States and after-sales service often poorly insured"Are the two major obstacles to French investment in Florida. "Even if the New York francophones are very Americanized, they do not know the rules of real estate in Florida, each state being subject to its own rules".

"The biggest risk for non-residents is falling into tax traps and payroll deductions that can be avoided with a little planning", Insists on his part Master Ballerini. He explains that "the taxation of an estate in the US is very unfavorable to non-residents"And recalls the importance of having a lawyer help you from the beginning of the acquisition process. "Having a real estate and estate lawyer will allow clients to preserve their capital, and avoid complicated situations during their transaction."

Other conferences on the same theme will be organized in late 2018 and 2019 in Europe.

See the live of the conference here

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Cell: (+1) 305-934-2870
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