Faced with alarmist reports on the state of the planet, these French from the United States have decided to roll up their sleeves. They are entrepreneurs, activists, scientists or explorers: French Morning gives them the floor in his podcast "French Ecolo".

Today, head to the University of Miami to meet Anthony Ginter, the co-founder of the start-up Waterdiam. He and his team are developing a "super water" or "third generation" water, as they call it, that would prevent certain diseases. This improved water, achieved through a technology that uses diamond electrodes, has achieved very promising results in the agricultural field. It has been tested on millions of horses, chickens, cows in Europe and the United States, as well as on fruits and vegetables. Anthony Ginter dreams of a world where his 3.0 water would allow farmers to dispense with chemicals and drugs to treat their animals and plants.

Listen to "Episode 2: Waterdiam, Anthony Ginter's" Super Water "in Miami" on Spreaker.


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