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With its lakes, rivers and even its vast coastline, Miami is a paradise for fishermen who can practice their discipline throughout the year. To help you tease the stud, French Morning went fishing for information.

Where to launch your line in Miami?

Considered one of the best fishing spots in South Florida, Biscayne Bay offers a variety of budding and seasoned fishermen fish spots and species. You can try to catch a pike, a swordfish or a tarpon, which reigns supreme in the area, from Haulover Park in Miami Beach. The site has a large expanse of sand as well as a jetty giving fishermen access to deeper waters.

Another favorite fishing spot is South Pointe Park, located at the southern end of Miami Beach. Far from the hustle and bustle of Ocean Drive, the place benefits from a pier where it is not uncommon to watch enthusiasts of the discipline go up a snapper or a Spanish mackerel.

In Key Biscayne, the Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park is also a great place to launch your line. The recreation area has several jetties as well as nearly two kilometers of beaches open to fishing. The artificial reefs in the area are home to many groupers, amberjacks, bonito, and kingfish.

Sports enthusiasts on the high seas will travel to the blue Atlantic Ocean in search of large fish along the ocean current Gulf Stream. Several providers offer offshore excursions allowing you to play the reel for half a day.

In Miami, it's not just about saltwater fishing. The city's lakes and rivers are also home to many species of fish. Among the most popular, the tucunaré or the largemouth bass that you can fish from the shore or by boarding a kayak at the Blue Lagoon, a lake located south of the city's airport.

For freshwater fishing, the Tropical Park is also a very popular place. The space contains several lakes in which live bass, bluegill sunfish or catfish.

Do you need a license to fish in Miami?

If you are fishing for an organized excursion aboard a boat or if you are launching your line from a jetty or even from land, the fishing license is not compulsory. Furthermore, if you are under 16 or over 65, you are also exempt from a license.

In all other cases, you will need to obtain a freshwater fishing license to launch your line in the rivers and lakes of Miami or a saltwater fishing license. The annual license is set for each permit at $ 17 for residents and $ 47 for non-residents.

Certain rules must also be observed: do not fish for protected species and take into account the minimum number and size authorized for each fish.

Finally, the state of Florida allows non-licensed enthusiasts to fish on certain days each year without the need for a license.


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