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"Preschool", "6th Grade", "Freshman year" … A jargon specific to the American education system that often causes misunderstanding of the French. We help you find your way around it.

Preschool (the equivalent of kindergarten)

  • Nursery = Crèche
  • Pre-Kindergarten = Small and Middle Kindergarten Section

Elementary School (the equivalent of elementary school)

  • Kindergarten = Large maternal section (first official and compulsory year of schooling for children from 5 to 6 years old)
  • 1st Grade = CP
  • 2nd Grade = CE1
  • 3rd Grade = CE2
  • 4th Grade = CM1
  • 5th Grade = CM2

Middle School or Junior High School (college equivalent)

  • 6th Grade = 6th
  • 7th Grade = 5th
  • 8th Grade = 4th

High School (the equivalent of high school)

  • 9th Grade (Freshman Year or 1era year) = 3th
  • 10th Grade (Sophomore Year or 2th year) = 2ndia
  • 11th Grade (Junior Year or 3 th year) = 1re
  • 12th Grade (Senior Year or 4 th year) = Terminal

College or University, "undergraduate" levels (for obtaining a Bachelor)

  • First Year (Freshman Year)
  • Second Year (Sophomore Year)
  • Third Year (Junior Year)
  • Fourth Year (Senior Year)

Graduate (or University) (for obtaining the Master and PhD)

  • Various programs depending on the sector chosen


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