(Partner article) It could almost be called "Little France": the neighborhood of Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, continues to seduce French expatriates. And once settled, they often do everything to stay there. It's a special atmosphere in this little "village" in the heart of Brooklyn …

So, the French lovers of Carroll Gardens? Let's find out why with local real estate agent Renaud de Tilly.

But first, a little history …

We often learn a lot about the history of a city or neighborhood by looking for the origin of its name. So, why Carroll Gardens?

This district was named in honor of Charles Carroll, a former Senator of Maryland who signed the Declaration of Independence. During the Battle of Brooklyn in 1776, it was he who led the troops of maryland soldiers to attack the British encampments. As for "Gardens", it simply refers to the generous street gardens of the houses in this neighborhood.

During the development of Brooklyn, around 1850, an urban planning rule imposed gardens of at least 33 feet (about ten meters) in front of certain houses of the district. Since then, entire streets of Carroll Gardens have beautiful "front yards", or gardens on the street, usually maintained by passionate gardening owners who take care to illuminate them as they should around Halloween and the end-of-holidays. year.

Schools at Carroll Gardens: PS 58 and the International School of Brooklyn

What really sparked the interest of French families for Carroll Gardens is the opening of these two schools, one public and the other private, offering quality bilingual programs.

Public school side, PS 58 The Carroll School is the first school in New York City to have proposed a bilingual English / French program, in 2007. In each class of PS 58, French and English children rub shoulders and learn the language of the school. 'other. This model allows children to develop, in addition to their language skills, their self-confidence and cultural curiosity.

On the private side, the International School of Brooklyn offers an immersive education with two bilingual programs: English-Spanish and English-French. Its values: diversity, community, creativity and critical thinking.

A village in the heart of the city

As you can see, the presence of the PS 58 and ISB schools makes Carroll Gardens a family neighborhood. Another very important factor for a neighborhood where it is really good to live with your family: green spaces.

That's good: Carroll Gardens is home to Carroll Park, one of the oldest parks in Brooklyn, located opposite PS 58. In addition to being a nice green space, this park is still full of activity: playgrounds for children. kids, open-air theater at the Smith Street Stage, flea markets … you do not get bored. It is also a nice meeting place where parents and children meet together after school. A bit like the village square!

The little extra that will make you decide to go and visit this park: it has two courses of Bocce, Italian bowling.

Exactly, let's talk about this legacy …

A historically Italian neighborhood

Carroll Gardens has long been the cradle of the Italian-American community of New York. Many Italians settled in this area at the beginning of the 20th century and worked at the port of Red Hook. Since then, the district has kept its soul of a cozy little town, with its many churches, its "brownstones", its "Stoops" stairs on which families like to sit at the end of the day to have a drink with their neighbors … The culture Italian cuisine is also present in many restaurants run by Italo-Americans, diehards who are always there to witness Carroll Gardens' high-colored past and flavor, and to continue the tradition.

Among them, let's mention the pizzeria Lucali, a must in the neighborhood. Some consider it simply the best pizzeria in New York City! Its success is such that international celebrities rub shoulders with local residents: a few years ago, Jay Z and Beyoncé even dried the Grammys to enjoy a delicious pizza.

Another irreducible: the Mazzola Bakery bakery. Delicious Italian bread, generous pastries and hot coffee are on the menu in this stall located on the corner of Union Street and Henry Street, which opened for the first time in 1928.

In another style, while remaining resolutely Italian, mention Brooklyn Social. This cocktail bar, located in the place of the legendary SOCIETY RIPOSTO, a former Sicilian club-bar very select neighborhood, is open to the public only since 2004. Sit quietly on a bench, enjoy their pleasant terrace, play at Billiards in their back room, all on background of retro music straight from their jukebox. On the walls, the pictures of the old members (some dating from the 1920s) plunge you into the Italian-American past of Carroll Gardens.

We understand better why so many French families want to settle in Carroll Gardens.

You belong to it? The French real estate agent Renaud De Tilly has opened in the heart of Carroll Gardens an estate agency specialized in the French clientele.

The added value of De Tilly Real Estate?
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3 / Active listening and a French team, two additional assets that really make the difference

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