1. Augusta Demographics Black or African American: 57.47% White: 35.30% Two or more races: 3.29% Asian: 1.99%

Moreover, Is downtown Augusta safe? 2019 is now in full swing, and Downtown Augusta is growing more than ever.

Does it snow in Augusta Ga?

Greatest Snowfall in One Season: 14.4 inches – The greatest cumulative snow fall for Augusta, Georgia.

Likewise, What is the cost of living in Augusta Ga? Augusta-Richmond County cost of living is 80.7

COST OF LIVING Augusta-Richmond County Georgia
Grocery 95.3 95.5
Health 102.7 95.5
Housing 50.1 80.7
Median Home Cost $138,400 $240,400

What is Augusta Ga best known for? Internationally, Augusta is best known for hosting The Masters golf tournament each spring. The Masters brings over 200,000 visitors from around the world to the Augusta National Golf Club. Membership at Augusta National is widely considered to be the most exclusive in the sport of golf around the world.

Is Augusta a walkable city?

Downtown Augusta Walkability While in Augusta, there’s rarely a need to hail a ride. Augusta’s walkability and mild climate allow guests to walk from their meeting space to restaurants, museums, shopping, and nightlife. There are over 30 locally owned businesses in a three-block area.

Is Augusta GA Riverwalk safe?

CadetTraveler. The recent crime was the first one at the Riverwalk in over 16 months.

How far is Augusta GA from the ocean?

The total driving distance from Augusta, GA to Myrtle Beach, SC is 222 miles or 357 kilometers. Your trip begins in Augusta, Georgia. It ends in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Does it snow in Augusta Georgia?

Greatest Snowfall in One Season: 14.4 inches – The greatest cumulative snow fall for Augusta, Georgia.

Is Augusta GA a good place to retire?

Augusta has been rated the top metro area in Georgia for people to live and to retire. The Garden City outperformed both Atlanta and Savannah in the annual rankings released Tuesday by U.S. News and World Report. The Augusta area landed at 76th nationally in top places to live and 79th in places to retire.

How much does it cost to live in Augusta GA?

Augusta-Richmond County cost of living is 80.7

COST OF LIVING Augusta-Richmond County Georgia
Housing 50.1 80.7
Median Home Cost $138,400 $240,400
Utilities 104.2 103.2
Transportation 84.2 105.1

What are winters like in Augusta Georgia?

In the winter, the average high is 58.9 °F (14.9 °C) and the average low is 34.4 °F (1.3 °C). See below for a monthly breakdown of average temperatures in Augusta. If it’s too warm or cold outside then head indoors to a local museum & gallery, see a live southern music performance, or spend a day shopping.

Are there tornadoes in Augusta Ga?

The risk of tornado damage in Augusta is lower than Georgia average and is about the same as the national average.

Does Augusta Georgia have 4 seasons?

In Augusta, the summers are hot and muggy, the winters are short and cold, and it is wet and partly cloudy year round. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 38°F to 92°F and is rarely below 25°F or above 98°F.

Does it rain a lot in Augusta?

Augusta (zip 30906), Georgia gets 46 inches of rain, on average, per year. The US average is 38 inches of rain per year. Augusta (zip 30906) averages 1 inches of snow per year.

What is the minimum wage in Augusta Ga?

Living Wage Calculation for Augusta-Richmond County, GA

0 Children 3 Children
Living Wage $15.68 $37.87
Poverty Wage $6.19 $14.92
Minimum Wage $7.25 $7.25

What is the blackest city in Georgia?

With an 92 percent African American population, South Fulton, Georgia is officially the Blackest City in America. For over a decade, residents of unincorporated South Fulton County resisted cityhood, choosing to remain one with Fulton County.

What is the blackest county in GA?

% Black, Non-Hispanic Population at County Level When looking at pure population numbers, Fulton County has the largest number of black residents, at 440,568 (43.6 percent of the county population), followed by DeKalb , at 392,421 (53.3 percent of the county population).

What is the whitest county in Georgia?

Fannin County in North Georgia is the state’s whitest county. But minorities have seen their share of Fannin’s population grow from 2.9% in 2010 to 4.4% now.

Is Georgia a poor state?

Washington, D.C. –Georgia houses some of the hungriest and poorest number of Americans, according to a Bread for the World analysis of the latest U.S. Census data. Over 49 million Americans were at risk of hunger and 45 million Americans lived in poverty last year.

What is the most black city in America?

New York city had the largest number of people reporting as Black with about 2.3 million, followed by Chicago, 1.1 million, and Detroit, Philadelphia and Houston, which had between 500,000 and 1 million each.

What is the blackest state in America?

Texas has the highest Black population in the United States of 3,936,669, about 14% of Texas’s total population. Texas is the second-most diverse state in the U.S. Following Texas is Florida with 3,867,495 (18%), New York with 3,763,977 (19%), and Georgia with 3,549,349 (34%).


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