Disadvantages Of Living In Missouri

  • Below-average wages.
  • High state & local taxes.
  • Severe weather.
  • High crime rate.
  • Low quality of life rankings.

Moreover, What is the safest place to live in Missouri? Here are the 10 Safest Cities in Missouri for 2022

  • Glendale.
  • Greenwood.
  • Ballwin.
  • Savannah.
  • Battlefield.
  • Rock Hill.
  • Maryville.
  • Platte City.

What should I know before moving to Missouri?

Moving to Missouri DMV

  • Establish Missouri residency.
  • Visit a Missouri license office.
  • Provide proof of ID, lawful status, social security number, MO residential address.
  • Take a vision test.
  • Pass road signs exam.
  • If the license is expired, pass written and driving tests.
  • Pay applicable fees.

Likewise, Is it worth moving to Missouri? Lower Cost of Living Another benefit when living in Missouri is its low cost of living. It even earned the 10th spot in the country for affordable living and, as a result, is well below the national average for cost. You can enjoy paying for lower utilities, groceries, rental fees, and other necessities.

Is Missouri a good state to live? Missouri is a great place to live and has something for everyone. Cities, rural areas, culture, nature, sports, great food and so much more. Obviously, EVERYONE couldn’t live here and still maintain the balance of calm, chaos, and adventure. However, visiting is another story.

What city has the highest crime rate in Missouri?

With a population of 168,537, Springfield comes in at the top of the list of the most dangerous cities in Missouri. Violent crimes totaled 2,218 in 2018, which breaks down to 1,574 aggravated assaults, 333 rapes, 295 robberies, and 16 murders.

What is the most common job in Missouri?

The most common jobs held by residents of Missouri, by number of employees, are Registered nurses (74,555 people), Driver/sales workers & truck drivers (71,079 people), and Other managers (66,426 people).

Is Missouri a friendly state?

Missouri is ranked the 18th best state in the U.S. for being taxpayer-friendly. Ranked as being moderately tax-friendly to retirees, Missouri partially taxes Social Security income, fully taxes withdrawals from retirement accounts, and public pensions are partially taxed while private pensions are fully taxed.

How long do I have to live in Missouri to be a resident?

Resident Status Factors Missouri residency can generally be obtained by presence within Missouri for the primary purpose of full-time employment or retirement or for a minimum of twelve consecutive months along with proof of intent to make Missouri a permanent home for an indefinite period of time.

Why you shouldn’t live in Missouri?

Overall, Missouri has higher crime rates than most of the US. When compared to the other 50 states, Missouri ranks in the top 10 for its violent crime rate. And top 15 for highest property crime rate. So a good insurance policy to protect your belongings is a must.

What part of Missouri is the safest?

2022 Safest Cities in Missouri:

  • Cottleville.
  • Higginsville.
  • Glendale.
  • Greenwood.
  • Ballwin.
  • Savannah.
  • Battlefield.
  • Rock Hill.

What is the most beautiful part of Missouri?

11 Staggeringly Beautiful Places In Missouri That Will Always Be Waiting For You

  • Dogwood Canyon – Lampe. …
  • Grand Falls – Joplin. …
  • Meramec Caverns – Sullivan. …
  • Gateway Arch – St. …
  • Blue Spring – Eminence Township. …
  • Powell Gardens – Kingsville. …
  • Clifty Creek Natural Bridge – Dixon. …
  • Elephant Rocks – Belleview.

What is the best small town to live in Missouri?

Here are just a few of the best small towns in Missouri and a sample of what you might find in each one.

  • Parkville, Population 6,724. Flickr/JeromeG111. …
  • Boonville, Population 8,418. …
  • Ste. …
  • Rocheport, Population 244. …
  • Fulton, Population 12,779. …
  • Hannibal, Population 17,320. …
  • Weston, Population 1,728. …
  • Hermann, Population 2,438.

What is the racial makeup of Missouri?

Race and ethnicity (White alone 61.6%; Black alone 12.4%; Hispanic 18.7%; Asian alone 6%; American Indian and Alaska Native alone 1.1%; Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone 0.2%; Some Other Race alone 8.4%; Two or More Races 10.2%).

Is Missouri a good state to move to?

Strong Job Opportunities By being below the national average, this means that you can easily land great jobs here, especially in the cities. If you want to start anew without the struggle of finding employment or good health care, then Missouri is the place to move to.

Why is Missouri weather so weird?

Because of its location in the interior United States, Missouri often experiences extremes in temperatures. Lacking either large mountains or oceans nearby to moderate its temperature, its climate is alternately influenced by air from the cold Arctic and the hot and humid Gulf of Mexico.

What is the safest city in Missouri?

2022 Safest Cities in Missouri:

  • Glendale.
  • Greenwood.
  • Ballwin.
  • Savannah.
  • Battlefield.
  • Rock Hill.
  • Maryville.
  • Platte City.

Is it cheaper to live in Texas or Missouri?

Texas is 3.9% more expensive than Missouri.

Is Missouri in Tornado Alley?

States such as Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Arkansas, North Dakota, Montana, and Ohio are sometimes included in Tornado Alley, as are the easternmost portions of Colorado and New Mexico.

How long does winter last in Missouri?

The cold season lasts for 3.0 months, from November 27 to February 26, with an average daily high temperature below 52°F. The coldest month of the year in Four Seasons is January, with an average low of 26°F and high of 43°F.

Does Missouri have 4 seasons?

Due to its central location in the heart of the country, Missouri has a reliably humid continental climate. This translates to hot summers and cold winters with four distinct seasons and extreme fluctuations in temperature.


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