1. On the whole, Tampa beats out Miami in terms of housing affordability: Miami’s average housing costs loom 44% above national averages, with the median rent surpassing Tampa’s by $300 per month.
  2. However, utility bills for Miamians are cheaper than those of Tampa residents—and, remarkably, 1% below the national average.

Besides, Why you shouldn’t move to Tampa?

What is the #1 city in Florida?

10 Largest Cities in Florida

Rank Name Density (mi²)
1 Jacksonville 1,305
2 Miami 12,524
3 Tampa 3,463
4 Orlando 2,907

What is the culture like in Tampa? The city of Tampa’s culture is very ethnically diverse with a strong Latino flavor. One of Tampa’s earliest neighborhoods, Ybor City, was founded by immigrant cigar manufacturers from Cuba.

Hence, Is Tampa a world class city? Tampa landed at No. 97 overall on the list of best 100 cities in the world.

Is living in Tampa boring?

Tampa is really, rather boring. The cost of living is moderately low but wages are also low. The weather is nice during fall, winter and spring, but horrendously, horridly hot and unbearably muggy during the summer.

Is Tampa a fun place to live?

PRO: Tampa’s Nightlife is Vibrant, Exciting, and Fun With many excellent bars, clubs, and restaurants, the nightlife in Tampa is off the chain! Better still, the vibe all over the city is super chill but energized at the same time. There’s a great mix of people from all walks of life and many different cultures also.

Which is better Tampa or Fort Lauderdale?

Fort Lauderdale and Tampa both offer beautiful beaches. Fort Lauderdale offers stunning beaches that attract visitors from around the world. With seven miles of beautiful sandy beaches, a fun boardwalk, and impressive views, the beaches here are among the best in the area. Tampa is considered a top beach destination.


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