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(Partner Article) Whether you are new to New York or a long-time resident, finding the best neighborhood to live in Brooklyn is both an exciting and challenging exercise. With a more relaxed pace of life than Manhattan, thanks to its many parks, greater security, and a general feeling of calm, Brooklyn appeals greatly to expatriates, families, but also young professionals for its trendy side. With the growing attractiveness of this "borough", many micro-neighborhoods have developed there. Here is a short guide to some of them, favorite French in Brooklyn, according to BARNES – luxury real estate agency in New York for over 10 years. This will help you find the neighborhood that suits you best.

The trendiest neighborhoods

These Brooklyn neighborhoods are very attractive to young professionals because of their diversity, dynamism and accessibility. They include a large number of bars, restaurants, museums and art galleries.


It is undeniably the Brooklyn neighborhood that has experienced the most upheaval in the last 15 years. Williamsburg is the pioneer district of Brooklyn, showing its life potential and real estate value.

Connected to Manhattan through the L Line (which will not close after years of doubt), the first stop after the East River is in the heart of Williamsburg. The neighborhood is ideally placed and offers a remarkable compromise: comfort, standing and proximity to Manhattan, while remaining in the relaxed atmosphere of Brooklyn. It is easy to move between the two boroughs, whether by metro, ferry, or bike. Williamsburg has a rich cultural and artistic heritage with upscale restaurants and art galleries.

The neighborhood's popularity has necessarily been accompanied by rising prices. Today, it is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in New York. However, work in progress on the L line, which could complicate a little trips, has tempered this increase for a time. Yann Rousseau, deputy director of Barnes New York indicates that "the announcement of the discontinuation of the L Line in 2015 caused a decline in real estate prices in both residential and commercial, and many businesses have closed their doors. When, two months before the closure scheduled for April 2019, the Governor abandoned this devastating measure for the neighborhood, real estate immediately changed its trend and it is now interesting to invest in it.".


Dumbo, acronym for "Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass", is very popular for years both for its proximity to Manhattan and for the views of its skyscrapers. Today one of the most popular neighborhoods, Dumbo has welcomed New Yorkers who have abandoned their apartments in SoHo and Tribeca for lofts, cobbled streets, and some quiet. Neighborhood very trendy with upscale restaurants, it invites young active and families. Many French parents have made their home in Dumbo, among other things for his kindergarten (The Language and Laughter Studio) which offers courses in French. The neighborhood is also very nice for children thanks to the many green spaces and other attractions.

The most "family" neighborhoods

Greenery, parks, attractions, good schools … These criteria are very important for French families (and others) in New York. It is not necessary to choose between a pleasant family life or the buzz of New York because today it is possible to have the best of both worlds in these neighborhoods of Brooklyn!

Carroll Gardens

Lively neighborhood with a wide choice of shops, restaurants and bars, Carroll Gardens offers a particularly French coloring in Brooklyn. It is also an area rich in history, which retains its "brownstone" style with brown stone townhouses, authentic European pastries, and many parks and green spaces. These qualities make the neighborhood a great place to raise children, thanks to its many teaching options in French: the bilingual private school International School of Brooklyn and PS58 Public School The Carroll School offers a French-English bilingual program. If you are looking for a private garden, this is the area of ​​choice, with its offer of brownstones, buildings often divided into luxurious apartments but sometimes kept in individual houses. Besides, "the French are for many the origin of the increase of the prices of the goods located on the zone of the school PS58", Says Christophe Bourreau, director of Barnes New York.

Park Slope

"Park Slope is a neighborhood much coveted by families for a multitude of reasons", Says Christophe Bourreau. "The schools are excellent, there is a real diversity, family friendliness, quality parks … The neighborhood is also known for its culture and vitality".

Indeed, many families leave Manhattan for the better life of Park Slope. It is famous for its pretty brown brick houses of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries but also for its few modern buildings. "Townhouses", "condos" and "co-ops" in well-preserved buildings characterize the neighborhood. There is something for every taste ! Although there is limited supply and strong demand for "townhouses", there are many choices of styles and prices for real estate in Park Slope.

Brooklyn Heights

This quiet and peaceful part of downtown Brooklyn owes its historic charm to its architecture and its key location. It is the most upscale borough neighborhood, centrally located (close to Downtown Brooklyn), serene and residential streets, yet adjacent to the vibrant and well-connected main streets. Brooklyn Heights has been attracting new buyers for years, mostly young professionals and young couples looking to be close to good schools, to live in a residential environment, or simply to invest in more spacious housing … It also remains a value term hedge investment, due to limited inventory and strong demand.

Neighborhoods to watch closely for investment

With the popularity of Brooklyn still rising, other neighborhoods are emerging and growing. To watch today as long as prices are accessible …


At the northern tip of Brooklyn, above Williamsburg, is the charming neighborhood of Greenpoint. Formerly a bastion of the Polish community, it has retained its industrial aspect of the late nineteenth century, when factories, glass companies and building sites were active. Greenpoint has taken advantage of these great spaces by modernizing them. Factories and other warehouses are stylishly transformed into modern, luxurious apartments that push celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker or Paul Giamatti to move in. Real estate neighborhood is very attractive at this time because prices have not yet reached the peaks of more central areas, and are much more modest than Williamsburg. Indeed, Christophe Bourreau confirms that "real estate in Greenpoint has been monitored by many investors for years because the gentrification process has already beguné ".

In addition, there is another public school with French language instruction, PS110, The Monitor School. The bohemian but refined atmosphere, art galleries, trendy bars and restaurants make Greenpoint a great option. "Its proximity to Long Island City (LIC), Williamsburg and Manhattan, make it an area with very high potential. Amazon's announcement to move to Long Island City prompted an immediate rise in Greenpoint prices. Amazon has changed its mind, but it will not take long for other companies to create similar moves", Predicts Christophe Bourreau.


Bedford-Stuyvesant, a neighborhood in vogue today, owes its evolution to the beauty of its streets and its houses "brownstownes". Although the price of real estate has already increased significantly in recent years, buying and renting in Bed-Stuy are still cheaper than in Manhattan or Dumbo. This pleasant district of Brooklyn charms its visitors with its houses with gardens or its buildings not exceeding three floors. New York City has designated Bed-Stuy as a historic district, protecting more than 800 buildings! Living in Bed-Stuy means that you can enjoy these views every day …


Emerging neighborhood ideal for city dwellers looking for a livelier, evolving, and relatively inexpensive neighborhood. One of the few neighborhoods still in transition, Bushwick is a source of inspiration for artists and writers. The neighborhood remained the same until the mid-1990s, and has since become a hub for new entrepreneurs and startups. The neighborhood began to gain notoriety when artists and designers seized local real estate opportunities to create trendy lofts and studios. The streets of Bushwick are a real outdoor museum dedicated to street art: it is one of the few places in the United States where crowds move to contemplate the walls! In addition, parks add a lot of recreational value to Bushwick.

"People looking for the "real" Brooklyn usually find their happiness in Bushwick", Says Feryel Cherait of the Barnes house.

For all these neighborhoods, and beyond, contact the real estate agency BARNES New York who is at your disposal to assist you in your real estate project in New York.

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