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(Partner Article) When comes the question of investing, of placing one's money, there is today many solutionsbut real estate remains one of the most popular choices. Unfortunately, very few solutions exist to buy or sell real estate online, without having to move and even less solutions are dedicated to French expatriates. This is the reason why My expat has developped Escale the first platform to buy or sell real estate online. Using this platform, My expat organizes everything for you, without you ever having to leave the United States.

Buy a property online

Buy an apartment, a building or other property from abroad can quickly become complicated: search for a property, select it, retrieve the sales file, make the offer to purchase, the promise of sale, arrange financing, sign the authentic act are so many steps that it is often difficult to achieve at a distance.

My expat has launched a platform to follow and achieve all these steps online, without you having to return to France. The platform allows you to have a team of experts who takes care of everything for you:

– select the best opportunities;

– negotiate to allow you to invest at the best price;

– prepare and sign the promise of sale for you;

– prepare and sign the authentic deed of sale for you.

Property selection

When you start a project with My expat, you receive access to the platform to follow your real estate project. Their teams research and select the best opportunities that you can then view on the platform.


You then have the opportunity to make an offer directly online, and to follow the status of your offer (accepted, rejected, or counter-offer). My expat negotiates your offer for you, so you can buy at the best price.

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Agreement to sell

When one of your offers is accepted, you can find all the elements of the folder on the platform. My expat teams take care of everything for you, including the preparation and signing of the promise of sale, without you having to move.

Authentic act

When your funds are available (either your loan or your personal funds if cash payment), the platform allows you to follow the preparation of the authentic deed of sale and the regulations to be made. When everything is ready, My expat teams sign the authentic deed of sale for you.

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Sell ​​a property online

My expat allows to buy online, but also to sell your property. More and more owners want to sell their property in a simple, fast and secure way. My expat has therefore launched an offer allowing homeowners to sell their real estate from abroad.

Low agency fees

My expat only charges 4.2% to take over the sale of your property. That's less than half compared to traditional real estate agencies.

Steps from your home

If you sell your property, My expat manages everything for you: they visit and estimate the price of your property, they market it, organize visits, negotiate the sale price and take care of all the notarial procedures for you .

You want to invest in real estate in France or you have a property for sale? Contact My expat to discuss.

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