The first edition of Bien Vivre brought together more than 500 people last year in New York. This year, there is no question of a physical show, but no question either of giving up this event, organized by French Morning with the support of USAFrance Financials. The show therefore becomes Bien Vivre in the United States and will be fully online. It takes place on Saturday, September 12, all day.

The principle remains the same: conferences on subjects that affect the lives of French and French speakers in the United States and individual meetings with experts on a multitude of subjects: taxation, heritage, immigration, food, education, professional life. …

All this takes place on the dedicated Bien Vivre au United States website. You will be able to find the video conferences (which will also be available on Facebook, YouTube or Zoom, depending on the case) as well as the experts with whom you can make an appointment throughout the day for 15-minute sessions, also on video. You will also be able to participate in two workshops, interactive sessions in small groups.

Access to the exhibition and the conferences is completely free. Just register here.

The program

Living expatriation as a couple (9am ET; 8am CT; 6 am PT; 3pm in France). Room N ° 1.
Going to live elsewhere is often a professional bet, but also a romantic or even a family bet. Testimonials and advice.
With Alix Carnot and Béatrice de Carpentier, Expat Communications.

America for Dummies: All you need to know for a successful installation (10am ET; 9am CT; 7am PT; 4pm in France). Room N ° 1
A panel of long-time expats share their advice and tips with newcomers and those considering expatriation. On the program in particular: administrative formalities, budget, schools, culture shock …
With Marine Havel, president of FLAM USA and of PhilaFLAM, “serial expat”.
Conference hosted by Emmanuel Saint-Martin, CEO of French Morning Media Group.

Meet Your Consul: Conversation with Jérémie Robert, New York Consul General (10am ET; 9am CT; 7am PT; 4pm in France).
Appointed this summer after Anne-Claire Legendre, Jérémie Robert has just taken up his post as Consul General of France in New York. He is inaugurating this very first Bien Vivre online show in the United States.

Open a Franchise in the USA (10am ET; 9am CT; 7am PT; 4pm in France). Room N ° 2.
For entrepreneurs or those who want to become one, advice from 3 experts on opening a franchise in the United States. With Stéphane Deneux from DNX Consulting, Andrew Massat from Massat Consulting Group and Florian Dauny, lawyer.

Manage your assets (11am ET; 10am CT; 8am PT; 5pm in France). Room N ° 1.
How to manage your heritage and transatlantic succession? Expert advice in wealth management and taxation to make the right choices.
With Alexandre Quantin from USAFrance Financials and Jean-Philippe Saurat from Massat Consulting Group.

Entrepreneurship in the time of the Covid: How to make a success of your “business laptop”. (11 am ET; 10 am CT; 8 am PT; 5 pm in France). Room N ° 2.
A “portable business” is a business that moves with you and can survive wherever you want to live. Developed for expat spouses, subject to frequent moves, the concept is also perfectly suited to the times and to the changes brought about by the pandemic. With Amel Derragui from Tandem Nomads.

Tutorial: do you speak American? (11 am ET; 10 am CT; 8 am PT; 5 pm in France). Room N ° 3.
Workshop format (or “workshop”), in a small group and interactive to learn with a specialist the tips and tricks of “pro” English. With Louise Egan, from Soho Language Group.

Happiness is in … American cuisine (12pm ET; 11am CT; 9am PT; 6pm in France). Room N ° 1.
Yes, you can eat healthy and cheaply in the United States. Tips from 3 experts. With Estelle Tracy, author of “Guide to Food Survival in the US”, Isabelle Guglielmi, pharmacist and founder of Univers Aroma and Alexandra Gabalda, founder of Teuko, an application to help make lunchboxes.

Immigrate in 2020: what is possible, what is not (12pm ET; 11am CT; 9am PT; 6pm in France). Room N ° 2.
Between visa suspension and entry ban, immigrating to the United States is more than ever an obstacle course. But it is possible! With Sophie Raven, immigration lawyer.

How to develop your digital marketing in the United States (12pm ET; 11am CT; 9am PT; 6 p.m. in France). Room N ° 3.
Another workshop, for those who want to learn more about digital marketing in the United States. With Olivier Gruère, founder of Royal Cheese Digital, specialist in digital support for companies.

Health coverage for French people in the United States (1pm ET; 12pm CT; 10am PT; 7pm in France). Room N ° 1.
No one has waited for Covid to know the importance of good health coverage in the United States, but the question is more crucial than ever. Eric Thoby of Agora Expat explains everything you need to know about the healthcare system in the United States.

Buy in New York (1pm ET; 12pm CT; 10am PT; 7pm in France). Room N ° 2.
Sometimes a crisis can hide an opportunity. Is it time to buy in New York or not? A specialist in residential real estate in the Big Apple, Renaud de Tilly gives you his advice, with Amelie Deschenes from OFX and Mathias Youbi, lawyer.

Moving abroad with the family, the legal impacts (2pm ET; 1pm CT; 11 am PT; 8 pm in France). Room N ° 1.
Marriage, birth, divorce: all this also happens to expats … And sometimes, transatlantic life involves legal complications. Hélène Carvallo and Anne-Carole Plaçais, lawyers specializing in family law, one based in New York, the other in Paris, give you their advice.

Buy / Invest in Florida (2pm ET; 1pm CT; 11 am PT; 8 pm in France). Room N ° 2.
To live there or to invest, Miami and Florida are always attractive destinations. Advice from three local experts: Gilles Danard, from Vaneau Miami, Jean-Philippe Saurat from Massat Consulting and Michael Vandormael from Carlton Fields, PA

How to attract, retain and reward its employees? (2pm ET; 1pm CT; 11 am PT; 8 pm in France). Room N ° 3.
With Alexis Martin from YER USA and Adrien Eyraud from USArance Financials.

Understand everything about American taxation (3pm ET; 2pm CT; 12pm PT). Room N ° 1.
With Alexandre Leturgez-Coianiz, lawyer in business law and taxation.

School: Génération Bac 2021 (3pm ET; 2pm CT; 12pm PT). Room N ° 2.
With Caroline Minnialai, co-founder of Averroes E-learning.

Meet your consul: conversation with Frédéric Jung, new Consul General of France in San Francisco (4pm ET; 3pm CT; 1pm PT). Room N ° 1.
Just arrived in San Francisco, Frédéric Jung, the new Consul General, answers French Morning’s questions on Covid-19 and the consequences of the crisis for French people in their constituencies.

I am in debt therefore I am (4:30 pm ET; 3:30 pm CT; 1:30 pm PT). Room N ° 1.
Understand everything about the American “credit score”, and tips to boost your “credit history”. With Alexandre Quantin of USAFrance Financials.

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