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(Partner Article) If you have ever felt the need to consult a personal coach to know how to handle certain problems in your life or be motivated and advised, the MyPrivateCoach app is for you.

Created by the French psychoanalyst Bérénice Boursier-Baudouin, the application is a platform for linking individuals and certified coaches, which allows its users to easily find expert coaches in their field for a tailored service according to their needs. needs. The app will be available in September on the Apple Store and Google Play.

The goal: to revolutionize the world of online coaching and make it accessible to all

By making the services of experienced coaches accessible to all, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the goal of this application is to democratize online coaching. Bérénice Boursier-Baudouin, the founder of MyPrivateCoach, has over 20 years of coaching experience to her credit. She is now based in Miami and specializes in expatriation and the traumas of life. She explains her approach: "Although based in the United States, I do many consultations and coaching sessions and therapy by telephone or videoconference with Francophones around the world. I have noticed that patients with whom I do these consultations online or over the phone are much easier to open up, and to speak without taboos about their problems in order to get answers quickly. "

Why this difference? "It's very simple: therapies or online coaching sessions give flexibility and freedom to the exchange, without that feeling of being judged or labeled that may be present when the coach and the patient live in the same city and potentially know the same people. In addition, new generations prefer online services, where they do not need to move: it's fast, efficient and much cheaper."

" With MyPrivateCoach, I want to democratize the world of coaching so that anyone looking for moral support, listening, advice or motivation can get it easily, cheaply and anonymously, without moving into office She continues.

Users of the application can indeed be quickly put in touch with a coach they have chosen, and start to chat via SMS to be advised, motivated, and achieve their goals in many areas such as: love , sport, nutrition, work, beauty, family, well-being …

A rigorous selection of coaches

To be selected and to be able to offer their services on MyPrivateCoach, the coaches must be able to justify a recognized certification and a minimum of 2 years of experience. After a first online test, they must then conduct a telephone interview to assess their motivations and relationship skills. If the application is selected, the coach will then be able to create a personalized space on the platform and start offering his services.

At the end of a coaching session, users can leave an assessment to communicate their level of satisfaction.

More visibility for new opportunities

The coaches selected to practice on MyPrivateCoach will benefit from a unique visibility and a real flexibility of work. They will be able to organize their agenda according to the gaps in their main activity, thus allowing them to generate a significant additional income. They will also have the freedom to be able to exercise their activity where they wish because the only constraint is to have a smartphone and a good internet connection.

The MyPrivateCoach app will be available in September on the Apple Store and Google Play. Sign up today and receive free coaching sessions! The coaches can now send their application on the website myprivatecoachapp.com.

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