(Partner article) Buying for rent has always been an attractive project. Today more than before.

For experienced investors, investing money in rental investment is no longer a questionable decision. Moreover, according to the latest study conducted by Crédit Foncier, the French rental investment market has seen a sharp rise over the past five years. If in 2013, housing built to be subsequently rented accounted for 13.4% of built dwellings, this figure rose to 15.5% in 2018. In France, 68% of individuals prefer to invest their savings in real estate. For the first half of 2018, 93% of rental investors are happy with their investment in stone.

As in Tokyo, London, New York, real estate is expensive in Paris. Nevertheless, the French capital remains an interesting city for real estate investors. Paris records a very strong rental demand. In the capital of the Île-de-France region, rents are high, which is extremely interesting for those wishing to embark on rental investment in this city.

Paris, for a safe and profitable real estate investment

The real estate market in Paris has always attracted real estate investors. With 2,220,140 inhabitants in the city and 16.7 million in the Greater Paris Basin, Paris is the most populous city in France.

Paris also benefits from a strong economic dynamism. These two points make Paris an ultra-tense market where there are not enough apartments compared to the number of tenants. This is excellent news as it avoids rental holidays.

In addition, the property tax in Paris is very low. It represents approximately 10 to 15 days of rent. On average, in France, it represents on average 30 days rent. For real estate investors, placing money in real estate in Paris means making a safe and profitable investment.

Another positive point is that in Paris, the rent continues to increase. So, for those who wish to optimize the valuation of their assets in the long or short term, we must think to focus on rental investment in Paris.

The city also hosts a large number of students from all over France, but also from around the world.

Finally, the taxation of rental income is attractive. Especially the LMNP regime, which allows not to pay taxes on rental income for 5 to 10 years depending on the variables of the operation.

In Paris, the entrance ticket is about 170.000 €.Rental Investment was founded in 2011 by Mickael Zonta. The company brings together all the necessary businesses to support investors in all stages of their real estate projects. This, without having to be on the spot.

The company deals with the search of good deals through real estate hunters, the representation at the notary, the follow-up of the works of development, the care of the furniture and the decoration realized by architects of interior, rental and management. The rental investment company can also assist you in the search for financing. You can invest 100% remotely.


Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 9.07.54 AMMickael Zonta, leader of the company Investissement Locatif

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