A hypnotherapist and an Ayurveda specialist will advise you.

In this exceptional period of confinement, we hear a lot about the hygiene rules to apply to avoid contracting the virus or to contaminate those around us.

We hear less, however, about the way we can help our body prevent or fight the virus and reduce the symptoms if we were to contract it.

To do this, we need boost our immune system, the cornerstone of an essential global balance: the stronger your immunity, the less likely you are to contract the virus or develop its symptoms. Effective and simple methods to set up at home exist, and we will share them with you during this webinar.

Marie Viellard, specialist in Ayurvedic medicine and founder of Uma Center in New York, will address the direct impact of food and daily hygiene on our immune system, since 80% of it resides in our digestive system.

Sylvain Coulon, hypnotherapist, will talk about the psychological and emotional aspects that participate in the proper functioning of our nervous system and therefore the immune defenses.

The second part of the webinar will deal in more detail with the unique confinement situation. We will explore ways to use the opportunity of imposed confinement to undertake a long-standing project, take distance learning, find new passions or reinvent yourself professionally. We will also discuss the personal development aspect that this saving of time imposes on us and which for many of us is experienced as a real chance to flourish differently.

You will also have the opportunity to ask all of your questions to our experts during this webinar.

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