LAPD Releases Body Video of Launched Projectile; the man alleges that he had to undergo emergency surgery

VIDEO: He was shot in the testicles while filming at a demonstration in Hollywood

The incident occurred during the protests for George Floyd.


The Los Angeles Police Department released a video confirming the complaint made months ago by a Hispanic man who was fired with a non-lethal projectile in the groin area.

Video recorded by an officer’s body camera shows the June 2 incident in which Ben Montemayor, a photographer and videographer, is shot at close range by an LAPD officer on the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Ivar Street, during a demonstration against police brutality after the death of George Floyd.

The LAPD video with an explanation about the 40 mm projectile used, can be seen below.

Nine days after the incident, the Los Angeles Times published an article that spoke of alleged acts of police brutality, including Montemayor’s complaint that he had been beaten in the testicles and the emergency surgery he says he had to undergo for save your testicles.

Montemayor detailed that one of the testicles swelled to twice its normal size. Montemayor, 28, had reported the abuse on his Instagram account. He is preparing a lawsuit against LAPD.

LAPD said both posts resulted in an investigation, which is ongoing.


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