In total, more than $ 5,000 in cash, among other belongings, was stolen from two businesses located on Wilshire Boulevard

VIDEO: Capture the moment three men break into and rob a Koreatown restaurant in the midst of the pandemic

Los Angeles Police Department officer patrolling a popular area of ​​the city.


He Los Angeles Police Department is conducting the pertinent investigations to find those responsible for a robbery after three subjects were portrayed in a video from restaurant security cameras Chef Kang Sul Boxlocated in Koreatown from which they were stolen $ 3,500 dollars in cash among other belongings.

One of the thugs distracted the small staff who is working on site, while the other two they took over the money. The video released on Instagram shows the moment when criminals stormed the restaurant Chef Kang Sul Box, sHowever, this was not the only place they robbed, they also took $ 2,800 in cash from the restaurant Shuto using the same modus operandi.

Both businesses are located in Wilshire Boulevard at the height of Koreatown, in The Angels and their operations and income had already been affected by the order "Safer at home"

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