Joe Biden and Kamala Harris – credit: Stratos Brilakis

With his first appointments (which have yet to be validated by the Senate), Joe Biden displays his ambitions: to constitute the most diverse “cabinet” (government) in the history of the United States.

First woman in the Treasury, first Amerindian in government, first African-American in charge of the Pentagon…: her government cast contrasts with that of Donald Trump, who gave pride of place to white men. Added to this is Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris, the first black and South Asian woman and personality to hold the post.

Is this diversity in power a sham? Who are the faces of this new government? In this bonus episode of “This is America”, Alexis Buisson, La Croix correspondent in New York and journalist for French Morning, takes a look at the members of the Biden government with Tristan Cabello, historian and political scientist specializing in the United States. United at Johns Hopkins University.


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