credit: La Croix

Follow the presidential election in French on French Morning. This Friday, September 4, the French daily La Croix is ​​launching a new weekly podcast, “This is America”, in partnership with your favorite site and the Alliance program of Columbia University.

Every Friday, Alexis Buisson, journalist for French Morning and correspondent for La Croix in New York, will give the floor to observers of American society and question them on the stakes of the presidential election. Benjamin Haddad, director of a transatlantic program at the think tank The Atlantic Council, will wipe the plasters of this series by talking about the future of Trumpism and the state of the Republican Party. Célia Belin, specialist of the Democratic Party, journalist Claude Grunitzky, Nobel Prize for economics Joseph Stiglitz or even New York Times columnist Roger Cohen are also among the guests of this new meeting which will address themes as diverse as the activism of young Americans, the unfinished struggles of blacks or the economic inequalities revealed by Covid-19.


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