Los Angeles stores and supermarkets have recently been crowded with people doing nerve shopping due to the isolation and spread of the coronavirus. Alarming videos, like this one, showed long lines outside the establishments.

However, the mayor of the city of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, held a meeting with the businessmen of the sector during a visit to a food distribution center. From there they guaranteed the food supply and denied that there was a shortage. Representatives from Northgate Gonzalez Market, Food 4 Less, Ralph’s, Gelson’s and Albertsons participated in the meeting.

“This health emergency is a time of preparation, not panic. There is no shortage and you do not have to buy more than is necessary, ”said Garcetti. He also recalled that the long lines and the crowding of people in these establishments increases the risk of contagion of coronavirus.

Despite the fact that some products may take a little longer to reappear on the shelves, the businessmen and the mayor, assured that they have sufficient supply not only for the next few weeks but for the next few months. Garcetti asked Angelenos to be mindful of their purchases, "There is no reason to run to supermarkets, the supply chain has not stopped."


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