The city's music scene could face a great loss if the bar doesn't reopen after the coronavirus pandemic

The iconic setting of the West Hollywood Troubadour bar may possibly close permanently

Artist Billie Eilish during a performance on stage at Troubadour.

Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

The emblematic club Troubadour, Mainly dedicated to music, he has been on the night scene of The Angels by over 60 yearsHowever, the crisis caused by the coronavirus casts doubt on its future.

The pandemic has kept nightclubs closed for almost two months and despite the state's reopening plans starting to form, entertainment venues of this type are considered for phase 4 of the reopening plan proposed by the governor of California.

The scenario of Troubadour It has been the catapult for many artists of various musical genres. Artists such as Byrds, Lee Hazlewood, Nina Simone and Judy Collins and even Elton John, Metallica, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, among others.

Relationship: A bar in San Clemente was open during the weekend

For the owner of the place, Christine Karayanwaiting until phase 4 means you can open "In the middle or end of next year and at 25% audience capacity"He declared to L.A. Times. "I don't see it possible to go ahead with these conditions", he claimed.

If closed permanently, the scene Los Angeles independent musical would have a hard hit.

In a past interview the British artist Elton John he said to L.A. Times that, at the time, the scene of the iconic bar, “It was like everything I was waiting for happened suddenly… I can tell you that it was magical from the moment I stood on that stage"

Even a recreation of that 1970 performance was portrayed in the film. Rocket man, which tells the biography of Elton John.

To survive the crisis the club is raising funds in GoFundMe to help its more than 20 employees who receive hourly wages and who have not generated income due to the temporary closure of the place.


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