The authorities of the department want to be transparent with the data of the disease and will reveal a list of angelic restaurants that have presented outbreaks

The Department of Public Health will reveal coronavirus outbreaks in L.A. restaurants

So far the disease's penetration into the food industry is unknown. File photo.

Rich Fury / Getty Images

Recently in a press conference the authorities of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health they claimed they would reveal a list of the outbreaks of coronavirus in the county.

During her statements, Dra. Barbara Ferrer, director of the department referred to the list of coronavirus outbreaks that the administration has listing medical care homes, shelters, nursing homes, among other institutions.

"At the end of the week we will include in the list a record of the restaurants with outbreaks of COVID-19”Said director Ferrer.

Since the issuance of the order "Safer at home”All the restaurants in the county have remained open offering their take-out meals.

The quarantine order in the los angeles county it is maintained while its beaches, parks and trails are closed to the public.


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