In L.A. County 198 people have died from respiratory disease

New data provided by the Los Angeles Department of Public Health, indicate that in the county there was an increase of 1,170 cases of COVID-19 in the last 48 hours.

The director of the department, Barbara Ferrerconfirmed that they confirmed 620 positive cases from noon on Tuesday to noon on Wednesday. "We have reached 7,530 cases in the county", he claimed.

Ferrer also confirmed the death of 29 others due to illness. "198 people have died in L.A. by coronavirus"He added.

"So far we have carried out the test on 36,000 people, 15% being positive"Said the director of the department.

Nevertheless, Ferrer He said that the number of tests is greater but that only those that have results count as tests performed. "There is an increase in testing capacity, but our data does not reflect tests that do not yet have results", he claimed.

Earlier, the state governor, Gavin newsom, spoke about the total number of cases in California, which reached 16,957 COVID-19 cases.


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