The airline makes an expansion move amid low demand in the commercial flight market

Southwest expands operations and will now dominate Long Beach Airport

Southwest now has 34 flight frequencies at the Long Beach Airport.

Photo: Southwest / Press Release

Although the demand for flights has decreased to alarming levels since the start of the pandemic, Southwest airline takes advantage of the vacuum left by JetBlue at the Long Beach Airport and will increase your operations.

The city authorities reported that JetBlue will stop operating at the air terminal on October 7, so they informed the other airlines that they would have quotas for more flightshowever, Delta Air Lines and Hawaiian Airlines declined to take them despite being on the waiting list.

Some airlines were interested, but said it was not the best time”The authorities said in a statement posted on Twitter.

For this reason, Southwest requested that will be awarded the 17 frequencies that JetBlue would leave, reaching a total of 34.

Delta maintains 12, American Airlines 3 and Hawaiian Airlines 2. In addition, FedEx and UPS each have a frequency.

Southwest, which would be operating in the terminal since 2016, still has not announced what its new flight offers will be from the Long Beach airport. However, it will begin new nonstop flights to Phoenix this September and to Austin in November.

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