Federal Small Business Agency loans are available to small entrepreneurs in Angelino County

Small businessmen who suffered damage from the L.A. riots may apply for county loans

L.A. Small Business affected by riots can get up to $ 2 million.


The authorities of the los angeles county They reported on the availability of loans for small entrepreneurs who suffered damage and destruction from the recent unrest in the city.

The Federal Small Business Agency (SBA) It is offering Low-interest loans to entrepreneurs who need to replenish inventories, repair damage, or replace destroyed structures, as well as machinery and equipment for business.

The funds can also be used for expenses related to security enhancements to protect, prevent or minimize risk that it can happen again.

For federal loans only businesses that suffered damage or loss due to the riots that started on May 26, 2020 qualify and not related to losses from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The little ones Entrepreneurs and nonprofits can earn up to $ 2 million with low interests of at least 3% and up to 30 years of term. The amount and the term is decided by the SBA.

Those interested should send their requests before August 17 if it is due to property damage and before March 17, 2021 if due to economic impact. To do so they must visit sba.gov or call 800-659-2955.

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