Judge rules in favor of the woman who entrusted her case to a notary of the Coachella Valley

After three years of hearings, a judge of the Superior Court of Riverside County ruled on October 10 in favor of Cristina Hernández, victim of a notary who provided immigration legal services.

Judge Mickie Elaine Reed ordered Víctor Virueña, in charge of Hispano Services – a business that was located in the city of Palm Desert – to pay Hernandez $ 245,320 plus attorney costs as compensation for the damages caused during an immigration process that was never concrete.

The woman told La Opinión that although the last audience was a quiet, it was also a torment as it forced her to relive the suffering caused by Virueña.

He added that "people who pretend to be lawyers do a lot of harm and don't stop for making money … I never gave up and I thank my lawyers for believing in me and supporting me all these years."

The native of Mexico, who made a deal with Virueña for $ 2,880 to reopen and win her marriage petition case, referred to lawyer Bryan Owens and lawyer Rosa Elena Sahagún, who immediately filed a lawsuit against Viruena for fraud, Negligence and emotional damage.

Sahagun, who has an office based in Riverside, told La Opinión that in Coachella Valley (Riverside County), immigration scams are very common and abuse continues as many choose to remain silent.

“Out of fear, there are few people who raise their voices… Mrs. Hernández is an example of courage and perseverance. Víctor Virueña left her lying to her fate outside the country. He never imagined that she would return to ask for justice, ”said Sahagun.

A nightmare of years

In March 2016, La Opinión reported that Cristina Hernández married in 2006 with a person who had permanent residence.
With the illusion of obtaining the same immigration relief, the woman visited Sara Salcido's office, who in 2017 was deported to Mexico after being found guilty of immigration fraud and theft.

Hernández said Salcido never sent the necessary documents for his case and that the immigration authorities closed his process.

That was when he went to Hispano Services, which was advertised with offices in Cathedral City and Palm Desert.

In 2013, Hernández said he had consulted with Víctor Virueña to know if he could leave the country and travel to Mexico to attend a family emergency. And he added that the notary advised him to do so but always avoiding public transport.

Virueña then told him that he would request a hearing in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, to ask for forgiveness in his case, Hernández added.

Confident, she left the United States. Once in Mexico, he said he focused on solving the family problem. However, he ended up being the victim of an assault that sent her injured to the hospital.

Hernandez decided then, July 2014, to return to the US but his journey culminated in the confinement for six months at the Elroy Detention Center in Arizona.

He says he managed to regain his freedom after negotiating with the company Nexus, which offered him a shackle for $ 420 a month.

In 2016, Virueña defended herself through a statement saying that Hernández was never her client and that she was a victim of harassment by lawyer Rosa Elena Sahagún.

She also argued that the lawyer harassed Sara Salcido, who was deported after being guilty of immigration fraud, and Ana María Verdín, who offered the same services.

Verdín, for his part, reported La Opinión in 2016, having left the business after being sued for violating the Migration Consultants Act.

Hard road

Sahagun said that Virueña declared bankruptcy and that the Hispanic Services business was ordered to never again provide immigration services. The lawyer added that said business was suspended by California for not paying taxes.

Although calmer, Hernandez said the nightmare is not yet over since his future in the country is uncertain but he thanked the lawyers for their support and urged others to raise their voices.
"I don't want other families to live the same."

“I want that as he robbed me, Mr. Virueña knows that justice comes and everything is known. Not yet the book, I'm still fighting my deportation. I was locked up as a criminal for six months thanks to Virueña and until today I am living a nightmare without knowing if I can stay here (in the US) ”said Hernández ..www.laopinion.com


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