It will bring a unique experience because it has also been an advocate for minorities in California

Retired judge promises to be a very human accident lawyer

The retired judge Teresa Sanchez Gordon. / photo: Aurelia Ventura.

Aurelia Ventura / Impremedia / La Opinion

The retired judge of the Superior Court of Los Angeles, Teresa Sánchez-Gordon announced that she will dedicate herself to exercising the laws privately to defend the victims of serious accidents. Since this summer, he began a new chapter in his professional life by becoming the new partner of Bond Sánchez-Gordon, one of the most prestigious law firms in the country.

“I decided to be part of the Bond Sánchez Gordon firm that represents civil cases of people who have been victims of catastrophic accidents to continue my service as an advocate for the communities that I appreciate so much,” he says. Sánchez-Gordon was for more than 20 years, a judge in a civil court where he had to decide neutrally on cases related to legal liability in catastrophic and death accidents, compensation for damages, among other related issues.

"Many of the same cases that I saw as a judge, I now represent them in this office," he says.

And he clarifies that although there are thousands of lawyers, she and her team make a difference.

“None have my experience. I was already on the other side. Not everyone has a judge as a lawyer, representing such cases. I have a history of knowing how a judge thinks and the experience of evaluating cases, ”he says.

The retired judge Teresa Sanchez Gordon joins a leading law firm in the defense of accidents. (Aurelia Ventura / The Opinion)

Judge Sánchez-Gordon says that she was able to retire from office, take care of her garden or granddaughter. "Instead, I decided that I wanted to be an accident lawyer to offer a more humane service. So we are not just any lawyer, ”he says.

Retired in 2017, she says it is important that Hispanics look for a good lawyer to represent them in their vehicle accidents.

“We attend civil cases of catastrophic accidents, a death caused by an accident, damage to a person of all kinds. They are serious cases where nobody goes to jail, but in which the remedy is money, ”he explains.

Judge Sánchez-Gordon was born in Jalisco, Mexico. Her parents brought her to the United States at age three. He grew up in East Los Angeles. Before graduating as a lawyer, she was a school teacher. He was also an immigrant rights activist in the Los Angeles County Labor Federation. She was a public defender in a federal court of defendants of federal crimes. In the late 1990s, she was launched as a candidate for judge by a municipal court in East Los Angeles that in 2000 was elevated to Superior Court through a process of unification.

For more than 20 years she was a judge in the civil court where she had to decide on a variety of issues related to legal responsibility in catastrophic and death accidents.

Bond Sánchez-Gordon is a leading law firm in the nation specializing in personal injury with offices in California and Washington. Represents people in need of justice for their personal injury cases ranging from catastrophic injuries, auto, motorcycle and heavy truck accidents with claims of negligence deaths and labor litigation.

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