Caroline de Ville

Attention, future parents, this concerns you. Caroline de Ville, a former Belgian general practitioner who has become a breastfeeding consultant in Houston, is launching preparation classes for delivery and breastfeeding in French.

The courses are based on the hypnobirthing technique, a discipline of which it is certified. "The goal is good vsUnderstand how your body works, the physiology of childbirth and breastfeeding so that moms know how to do it anytime. Because the launch of breastfeeding begins with a serene and natural birth. However, I am convinced that if mothers are given the confidence to give birth, they will give birth with much less technical help and more quickly with fewer complications. She says.

The first session will take place from Thursday, July 13 to Thursday, August 10 (five sessions of 2:30) from 5:30 pm to 8pm in Houston (Energy Corridor) but it plans to propose sessions three times a year. Price: 350 euros (possibility of reimbursement according to the health insurance thanks to its certification of nursing adviser IBCLC). Registration: (Email protected)


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