On the occasion of the Day of the Dead, from this Saturday a variety of altars were placed in Los Angeles under various themes to commemorate loved ones and deceased artists.

One of these places was Grand Park, where offerings were placed next to photographs of children who died in ICE custody. Another altar was also erected to remember the victims of car accidents and those who lost the battle against cancer.

Another space that opened the celebration of this Mexican holiday was the Placita Olvera, which will show its altars; In addition to dances and a theater, called The Dance of Death until next Sunday, November 3.

The events are free for the community. For more information about events in Grand Park visit here and for the celebrations in Placita Olvera click here

The memory of children who died in ‘La Migra’ detention centers was honored by activists from the Other Side and Border Kindness organizations.

The issue of cancer was also present. (Below) Magdalena Navarro Ojeda died from a metastasis, responsible for the vast majority of deaths in cancer patients. His relatives placed this altar in the Placita Olvera to announce that 38% of breast cancer cases become metastases and the disease can spread to the brain, lungs and liver.

Drawings by Pedro Infante (above) and "El Chavo del 8" (below) recall the love of his followers. Mexican singer Pedro Infante died in 1957; while Roberto Gómez Bolaños, the actor who gave life to the unforgettable character, died on November 28, 2014.

The altar of the dead of Supervisor Hilda Solís touched on the issue of 3,400 pedestrians and cyclists have died as a result of car accidents.

Students of the religious education class in the Church of San Hilario (of Pico Rivera) set up this altar to honor the memory of some of their deceased relatives.

Carina Diaz lit an incense to bless the memory of her cousin Ignacio Nava Jr., defender of the undocumented, who died of pneumonia in January 2019.


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