The boy's lifeless body was put in a suitcase and then thrown in the trash of a Culver City mall

Parents who threw their dead baby in the trash in Los Angeles are sentenced

Adam Manson and Kiana Williams.

Culver City Police Department

Kiana Williams and Adam Manson, 33 and 35, respectively, were sentenced to spend six years in prison. The couple was charged and found guilty of child abuse, which It ended in the death of his six-month-old baby, Jacsun Manson. Neither disputed the ruling, admitting the guilt of the crime. The boy's parents got rid of his body, hiding it in a suitcase, which was then thrown in a trash can at the Baldwill Hills Crenshaw Mall in Los Angeles.

The baby's body has not been found.

Both Williams and Manson faced another four years in prison, however, Mark S. Arnold, judge of the Superior Court of Los Angeles, decided to back down with this part of the sentence, stating that the couple should not serve additional time if they meet the conditions of their probation once they leave prison.

During the hearing, Deputy District Attorney Jonathan Hatami said the couple did not have a criminal record and that they were under The effect of different drugs. In addition, Hatami said that lThe baby's death is due to numerous bad decisions on the part of the parents and negligent acts.

Earlier this year a preliminary hearing was held. Tobias Raya, a detective at the Culver City Police Department, testified that initially Williams and Manson did not reveal their son's whereabouts when they were questioned. But then, they admitted leaving the suitcase in the mall with the baby's body inside it.

The parents confessed that they did so after seeing their unconscious son in a motel room in South Los Angeles. They tried to revive him, but their attempts were unsuccessful.

Manson wrote a letter to Williams begging him to tell the truth so that he and she boththey could find the body of their son and could move on with their lives. In addition, in this same letter, Manson says that "we are good people who made a bad decision" and lamented for not having called 911 as she had initially suggested.

Williams then confessed to the police that he had used drugs, and that he used methamphetamine shortly before and after the death of his son. He also acknowledged having fled with the baby before for fear that the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services would take him.


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