[Agenda partenaire] HUGO GALERIE, an art gallery located on Broadway (New York), is pleased to present ‘Coup de Foudre’, a personal exhibition of works by Patrick Pietropoli.

‘Coup de Foudre’ has a double meaning; literal, because the works represent buildings and people charged with light. But also metaphorical, because it is about love at first sight. Patrick Pietropoli sheds light on the subjects that are his muses: New York, Paris, historical architecture and mysterious women. The buildings sparkle. Transparent fabrics shine. Buildings and faces are sometimes obscured, not by shadow, but by light. They are dazzling.

The treatment of light by Patrick Pietropoli brings sensitivity to his paintings. You expect the sculptures on the roofs of the Louvre to ignite with life as they are ablaze with light. The ironwork, windows and mirrors reflect and sparkle under the artist’s adoring eyes. Each work exudes a sensual glow that only the sun can impart.

The artist’s medium is brilliance. The paintings are mysterious, the compositions are often without context: Pietropoli rarely shows the whole building, reveals the whole room or gives the whole story. Cornices, eaves, windows and doors draw spectators into architectural nooks recreated wonderfully in mesmerizing details. Women interrupted in their supposed boudoirs become provocative in their disarming ambivalence of being discovered naked. The scenes are alluring in their ability to draw the viewer into their world, reflecting reality beyond the edge of the canvas.

Pietropoli’s works are monumental in their subject matter but also intimate in nature. Each view looks like a view intended only for you, like a spotlight on a thumbnail prepared according to your memories. These works are more than oil on canvas; they manifest the archetypal allure that grabs the viewer with a power of a million volts. Patrick Pietropoli paints the beauty of being in love. And it is striking.

HUGO GALERIE is an art gallery in New York specializing in contemporary figurative painting and sculpture. The gallery represents international artists working in a variety of media and genres.

472 West Broadway, New York, NY 10012
+1 (212) 226-2262
info@ hugogalerie.com
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