Raphaelle Fauvel, guest of the new "Moi, Impat"

Surprise, happiness, but also disappointment, disillusionment are feelings well known to those who are called "impatriates". For his podcast "Moi impat", French Morning has extended his microphone to French people who tell how they lived their return home.

For this 31st episode, Raphaëlle Fauvelle speaks. This mother of two children returned to Paris almost a year ago, after living 5 years in Casablanca, Morocco. She explains that the announcement of this return has caused a mixture of enthusiasm and stress, between happiness to return home and galley caused by the impatriation (enrollment in schools, search for housing, rehabilitation to a way of life dynamic). "But to return, it also means to find his relatives, his cultural and geographical environment"summarizes the French. Although friends or family are sometimes not so curious about the experience of expatriation.

But it also evokes the pinching of the heart that one feels and the tears that rise when one leaves a country in which one has lived so long. "A page turns"she lets go. But expatriation has brought a lot, especially in his professional life. Raphaëlle Fauvel learned to get out of her comfort zone, "To dare". "It's an opportunity to reshuffle his cards," She confesses. The risk of professional reconversion she would not have taken if she remained in France.

Listen to "Episode 31: Raphaëlle Fauvel" on Spreaker.


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