On October 5, Angelenos will have 123 mailboxes ready to cast their vote.

Mailboxes, a safe option to vote in times of pandemic

Mailboxes for voting on November 3.

Photo: streestla.lacity.org. / Courtesy

The Los Angeles Office of Public Services has begun installing 123 vote-by-mail boxes throughout the city; The goal is to make it easier for all Angelenos to vote in the general elections on November 3, where the country’s presidency will be at stake.

The office, also called StreetsLA, is assisting the Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters with the ballot box facilities, which are intended to provide people with a safe and easy option to vote amid the pandemic. of COVID-19.

“StreetsLA is proud to assist in this important civic initiative; Also, I thank the staff who are working quickly to install these mailboxes to make sure everything is ready for the election, ”said Adel Hagekhalil CEO and CEO of StreetsLA.

StreetsLA will install 72 mailboxes outside the city libraries, the other 51 will be installed outside or in the facilities of the Parks and Recreation offices of the cities.

“Nothing should stop Angelenos from casting their vote, because our democracy is stronger when more people participate in our political process,” said Mayor Eric Garcetti.

“It is our responsibility to make voting as simple, easy and accessible as possible, and these new ballot boxes will place the power of participation at the heart of local communities, preserving and promoting the democratic rights of all Angelenos,” he added.

The installations began a few weeks ago and the mailboxes are expected to be ready at any time so that people can cast their vote on Tuesday, November 3.

However, it was emphasized that vote-by-mail boxes throughout the city and county will be available to voters beginning October 5, the same day the county begins mailing ballots to voters.

The Commission of the Public Works Board voted at the time to authorize and go ahead with the installations of the polls.

“The Office of Public Works is very excited to collaborate with the county Registrar of Voters Office and other city departments to expand and maximize access to vote by mail in Los Angeles,” said the Board of Works President. Public, Greg Good.

“Voting should be easy, and providing Angelenos with additional and convenient options for submitting their ballot is a process we enjoy being involved in.” More information on voting locations: streestla.lacity.org.


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