Guest belongings are subjected to a preventive process of elimination of bed bugs

Luxury West Hollywood hotel welcomes homeless people amid coronavirus crisis

The homeless population is one of the most vulnerable during the pandemic.


Since the coronavirus health emergency hit the los angeles county, the authorities have made various actions to contain the contagion curve, among them, the empowerment of temporary sites to house the homeless.

The mayor of the city, Eric Garcettihas driven various initiatives of this type to give refuge to these people like the conversion of recreational centers and hotels into shelters, or the creation of isolation units in home trailers.

In the west of the city highlights the empowerment of a luxury hotel in West hollywood that has received its new guests since last Friday, as published by the L.A. Times. The hotel had its 130 rooms empty due to the order of "Safer at home”And the zero presence of tourists. The administration and protocol of the facilities It is in charge of Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority.

The team of collaborators of the homeless service is in charge of carry out a process of eliminating bed bugs on all belongings of people entering the facilities. These belongings are placed inside a closed tent that is capable of raising its temperature to more than 120 degrees to kill insects.

In this type of shelters they only admit elderly people and people with high risk of contagion in the street, and no person is staying with a confirmed case of COVID-19. Authorities hope to establish 15,000 beds under this type of temporary shelter.

Hotel name was not disclosed but the newspaper highlights that normally a room on the premises costs over $ 380 per night.

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