Los Angeles will have youth commission in temporary homes and former criminals

Los Angeles County operates the largest juvenile justice system in the country. It includes three juvenile detention centers, including Los Padrinos, in Downey, and 13 probation camps.

Jorge Luis Macías, Special for Opinion / Impremedia

THE ANGELS.- For the first time in its history, the county of The Angels will have a Youth Commission which seeks to be the voice of those who live in the system of temporary homes or are they tested after committing juvenile crimes, thanks to the resolution approved this Tuesday by the Board of Supervisors.

The motion, presented by the supervisors Janice Hahn and Hilda Solis, had the support of the supervisors Sheila Kuehl Y Kathryn Barger and was approved by a majority. Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas was not present at the session.

The Youth Commission will initially consist of 15 members between 18 and 25 years old who have had experiential experience in local systems of child welfare or of juvenile justice.

Later it can be extended to 19 members. Five of the members will be nominated the county supervisors and the others may become autonomous or be proposed by a third person or entity, and will be selected by the Board.

"We need to hear from those children who have been in these systems to know what it takes to improve them.“Said supervisor Hahn when promoting her initiative.

Members should reflect the geographic profile and demographic characteristics of children who participate in welfare programs or are under the care of juvenile justice.

In addition to presenting recommendations and proposing programs, policies or services to the Board, the Youth Commission must annually identify at least three areas of focus for review, analysis and, when appropriate, intervention.

Due to the characteristics of angel demography, it is expected that latinos have a leading role in this new Commission, which must be formed on May 15.

The population under 18 in Los Angeles County represents 21.7% of the total of its 10.1 million inhabitants, according to figures presented by the Census as of July 2019.

Latinos meanwhile make up the 48.6% of the total population of the county and almost double non-Hispanic whites, the second population group that constitutes 26.1% of the Angelian population.

Hispanics under 19 constitute more than 18% of the total number of Hispanics in the county with more than 845,000 people, according to the Suburban Stats information center.

Although it is the first time for Angelino County, other counties in California how Marin, Pleasure, Riverside, Sacrament, San Diego, San Francisco, Saint Matthew, Saint Barbara Y Santa Clara They already have similar commissions.


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