Mayor Garcetti says that his pillars to open the economy are "consistent" with those of the state of California

Los Angeles unveils its plan for a return to normality. These are the five main keys

Garcetti also predicted the suspension of massive events until 2021.


Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti outlined the cinco pillars on which the reopening of the city will be based after the confinement. The principles that will allow Angelenos to return to their streets are consistent with the keys that Californian Governor Gavin Newsom released this Tuesday, according to Garcetti himself.

Since the order for all residents of the Golden State to stay at home was launched, speculation has been raging about how (and when) the return to routine will be. In his press conference on Wednesday, the mayor of Los Angeles outlined the process that will take place in the city where he governs.

The five keys on which Mayor Garcetti will be based are:

  1. A strong system of tests of coronavirus.
  2. Real-time tracking for detect and prevent new outbreaks.
  3. Immediate response to new cases with a frontal approach.
  4. Capacity of hospitals. Especially the ability to handle an increase in cases.
  5. Investigation and ongoing development.

The mayor added that clear directions are needed to be prepared for a second coronavirus outbreak or even a third one. These guidelines come the same day that Garcetti announced that the massive events musical or sports would probably be suspended until 2021.

With Garcetti's announcement, a new actor enters the race to retake the course of the economy in the country's entities. Governor Gavin Newsom released Tuesday the six indicators the state will seek to have insured before lifting the confinement order. His plan effectively agrees with the pillars of the mayor. Both seek to let science do its work before making political decisions that may put public health at risk.

Other governors have woven networks to try to agree to a progressive exit from the running of the bulls, something that has been seen as a challenge to Donald Trump. The president himself wanted to show his "total" authority on this issue, although later he seemed to back down when he assured that he would let the governors make their own decisions. Jurists assure that, in fact, the opening of the economy of their states belongs to the governors.


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