If the county were a country, it would occupy the 20th place in coronavirus cases worldwide, stressed the Los Angeles mayor

Los Angeles County Registers Worst Day of Pandemic, New Lockdown Looks Imminent

A waiter serves customers at a Pasadena restaurant. That could change soon.


A new Los Angeles County lockdown is imminent after authorities reported Tuesday that a new record of positive cases and hospitalizations for coronavirus was recorded in the past 24 hours.

Tuesday’s report found 4,244 new cases and 2,103 new hospitalizations, in addition to 73 deaths. Of the hospitalized patients, 27% are in intensive care.

The adverse report came a day after Los Angeles City Mayor Eric Garcetti warned that a new city shutdown was near. “We are on the verge of going from orange to red,” said Garcetti.. “Red when everything is closed to the strictest level. I want to warn people that we are close to that. “

However, everything indicates that it is a matter of days – or in the worst case hours – for closure to be ordered and only those who go to work and those who carry out essential tasks can leave their homes.

In a phrase that underscores the seriousness of the situation, Garcetti said Monday: “If we were an independent country, Los Angeles County would have the 20th place with the most cases worldwide.”

The county officially has 140,307 cases and 3,894 deaths as a consequence of COVID-19.

Just on Monday, the governor of California ordered the closure of all businesses in indoor locations in the state.


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