Not all of the 130,000 passengers who bought XL Airways tickets – and the company's employees – may have lost their money. At the last minute on Wednesday, a buyer reported to the Commercial Court of Bobigny.
The potential lifeguard is named Gérard Houa. Its offer promises to inject 30 million euros, including 15 million equity, a sum close to the needs estimated by the current CEO of XL, Laurent Magnin. The plan presented plans to remove flights to the Dominican Republic, the Caribbean and Reunion – chronically deficit – but to converse the lines to the United States and China. Only two of the four currently leased aircraft would be retained, as well as 276 of the 570 employees.
Born in Pekin, Gérard Houa, previously unknown, became known in the airline industry this summer for the Aigle Azur affair. As a minority shareholder, he had tried to take control of it but failed to convince the board of directors, before proposing a takeover bid to the commercial court in September. The offer was rejected, and Aigle Azur put in liquidation last week.
In case of appointment by the court, Gerard Houa would take the presidency of XL Airways and appoint Philippe Bohn general manager. He led Air Senegal until last spring, after spending 15 years representing Airbus in Africa.
The commercial court is expected to render its decision this Friday, October 4.


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