The mayor said he will sign the measure as soon as he receives it. It is about protecting those who lost their jobs in hospitality, tourism and cleaning.

The Los Angeles City Council approved an ordinance to protect the jobs of laid-off hospitality, cleaning and tourism workers during the coronavirus pandemic.

"In the city of Los Angeles, they shouldn't have to work their whole lives to get out of poverty and lead their families to a good life, only to have it taken away in a second, during a pandemic or otherwise," said Nury Martínez, the president of the Council.

"Today's vote tells (those workers) that they are not expendable, something that should be ruled out," Martinez said. "Your job, your jobs, and your seniority issues and the City and the City of Los Angeles will protect you."

Mayor Eric Garcetti He said last week that he would sign the ordinance as soon as it reached his desk.

According to the measurements, Businesses will be required to notify laid-off workers that they have started to re-hire people after the coronavirus pandemic subsides.

Fired workers will have 10 days to respond to employers' rehire notices, and Priority will be given to people who have worked for those businesses the longest.

“There is a temptation to hire people with a minimum wage. I think this is really important to protect the vulnerable workers who have given the company years, "said Councilman Bob Blumenfield.

Employers will have 15 days to respond to claims against them made by employees who are not given ample opportunity to be rehired.


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