(Partner article) Who says back, says new projects. And if you invest?

All the reasons are good for investing and at any time of your life: whether to reduce your taxes, prepare for retirement, provide a transmission or secure a heritage. So, see September as the key moment!

A very dynamic real estate market

Real estate is a very healthy market and yields can reach up to 7% in Paris and even 10% in Ile-de-France if the project is well mastered.

It has been several years now that real estate is doing well. Prices per m² are constantly increasing: + 6.5% in Paris and even + 9.1% in Bordeaux. Despite a slight rise in the interest rates of the mortgage, it remains very low and allows the market to be a carrier. At the end of the first half of 2018, 950,000 transactions have already been done.

Tax benefits for investors

In France, a tax system allows you to pay no tax on your rental income. Nothing. Zero. And this, for about 10 years.

The Rental Investment team will be in charge of offering you the most interesting scheme to make your investment profitable.

Possible solutions for expatriates

Investing abroad can be scary: you have little availability, you can not move easily … Many reasons can delay your project.

So how to invest in France when you are an expatriate?

The best is to contact professionals who are used to working with expatriates. This will save you time and be sure of the quality of the steps. Some notaries, brokers deal exclusively with expatriates. And if you wish to delegate, discover our service ofturnkey investment.

The real estate market is a specific and complicated market to apprehend. It is necessary to know how to recognize opportunities and minimize the risk of error. Because in real estate, mistakes are expensive.

Rental Investment has a perfect knowledge of this market and our property hunters are always looking for good deals. We operate in Paris, the Paris region, Lyon, Marseille and very soon in several other major cities.

Our service includes the search for a good, the optimization of the plan, the follow-up of the renovation, the decoration and the furnishing, the renting and the rental management.

You do not need to move at any time since the services include all the steps like representation at the notary.

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 9.07.54 AMMickael Zonta, leader of the company Investissement Locatif

Contact Mickael ZONTA and his team:

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