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[Article partenaire] Rental investment offers the possibility of generating profits during expatriation and allows you to have a main residence when returning to France. It also allows create additional income in order to be able to prepare for retirement or to build up a heritage for future generations.

What type of good to invest in as an expatriate?

In order to be able to perform a high return investment, it is important to choose the type of rental investment that pays off and that offers the possibility of generating significant profits.

Opt for a rental investment for small surfaces

Rental investment in small areas such as studios is a dynamic market. The net profitability of the rental investment of small surfaces can range from 4 to 6%. In order to generate more profit, an expatriate should think about favoring large cities: dynamic employment areas or student city. Rental demand will be strong there.

Invest in a building

An expatriate embarking on a rental investment in a building has the possibility of profiting from a profitability of 7 to 12%. This type of investment has a certain cost, it is essential to use the leverage effect of credit.

Bet on a roommate

Betting on a shared apartment is also an excellent choice for a successful rental investment. This type of investment generates a profitability of 7 to 12%. Shared accommodation is in great demand in large cities and is experiencing increased growth. This type of rental is aimed at young workers and students.

Rental Investment takes care of all the stages of your real estate project, from the search for the property to its rental management.

Where to invest in France when you are an expatriate?

The rental vacancy is especially important in small towns. Investing in large cities is a more suitable solution in order to be able to generate high rental profitability. Dynamic, they boost attractiveness and present a significant rental yield. In order to find out which cities are the most attractive in terms of rental investment, it is possible to consult the annual ranking of the most attractive cities online. Going to INSEE is also a good idea, this platform allows you to check the rental attractiveness of French cities.


The French capital is one of the most popular cities for investors, residents or not. Offering a high quality of life and a strategic geographical location, it has a strong rental demand. The price of real estate is around 10500 euros per m².


Bordeaux, the Girondine capital is also one of the most popular cities for expatriate donors. Its proximity to the French capital (2 hours by train) associated with its pleasant climate gives it the opportunity to benefit from an excellent quality of life. In 5 years, Bordeaux property prices have increased by more than 37%. This city offers good returns to investors.


Toulouse has recorded significant economic activity in recent years. It presents a strong rental demand. If executives, young workers and students flock to find accommodation in “the pink city”, it is in particular thanks to its pleasant climate and its quality of life. The average price per m² of an apartment in this city is 3,260 euros.


The capital of Gaul records an annual population increase of 1%. Close to the capital, the Mediterranean and the Alps, Lyon meets a strong rental demand. The real estate market in this city is very promising: in one year, prices have increased by 7%.


Nantes has a high quality of life, an economic dynamism as well as a tourist attractiveness. It houses more than 50000 students, or 20% of the population of Nantes, and has a complete and high-quality academic offer. This student city puts forward a price per m² of an average of 3,350 euros, with a population of over 60% who rents a property.


Rennes attracts many tenants because of its university offer. Indeed, it is one of the most famous student cities in France. Today, the price per m² is 3,200 euros and has increased by almost 7% in just one year. French investors living abroad can benefit from a rental profitability of over 4% in this city.

Many large cities are conducive to real estate investment for French people living abroad, regardless of the country of expatriation.

You can turn to specialized companies in order to delegate your real estate transaction. Rental Investment offers a turnkey service. The teams take care of all the stages, from the search for the property to the rental management of it.

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