The program also contemplates the promotion of cyclical and renewable energies for low-income population

Improvements in buses and trains, part of the new ‘Green Plan’ of Los Angeles

Improvements in transport and promotion of bike paths are measures that are part of the city's new environmental program.

Aurelia Ventura / Impremedia / La Opinion

THE ANGELS.- The Angels began from Monday to develop more than 20 measures that will help the city to reach your goal of reduce to zero the Emissions of greenhouse gases in the next decade, according to an order signed by the mayor Eric Garcetti.

As part of "New Green Plan of L.A.: leading by example ”, Garcetti signed this day a executive order what will make the city a global model on how to create a more sustainable planet and a economy that works for everyonethe city hall said in a statement.

“We must act this decade to to save the planet and create a more equitable future, prosperous and healthy for our children and grandchildren, ”said Mayor Garcetti.

The directive to face the climate crisis includes the improvements in the infrastructure of buses and light trains.

The Garcetti Government is committed to implementing measures to increase transit speeds by 30% by 2028

By 2021, the City Council wants the synchronization of traffic signs to be completed, which will help to decongest the roads.

And by 2022, Los Angeles will be sponsoring weekly events that drive the use of bicycles how Cyclavia.

In terms of construction, it was ordered to expand the access of the families of low income and residential complexes to the local clean energy.

Modifications will also be implemented to Green Building Code to ensure that all new homes in the city have the so-called “cool roofs“, Designed to absorb less heat than a standard roof.

The plan aims to ensure that the City Council does not have waste by 2025.

In addition, Garcetti wants the boards that bring together the city's pensioners to invest in green economy, and break ties with the companies of fossil fuels.

“There is literally no time to lose, because what we do in the next ten years will determine the Health of our planet and if there will be a job, a salary and a place for everyone in our economy, ”he predicted.

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