A nationwide analysis determined that at least 20 cities in the country saw an increase over last year

Currently the city of Los Angeles is struggling with the coronavirus pandemic, inequality, a giant homeless crisis and also a higher number of homicides during 2020.

A national analysis by the Council of Criminal Justice cited by the Los Angeles Times assures that the homicide rate It is up 15% compared to 2019 in the southern California city.

Until last Saturday, Los Angeles had posted 226 homicides so far this year. In 2019 there were 197 during the same period of time.

The study ensures that at least 20 cities in the country saw an increase in the number of homicides as in the case of Atlanta and Chicago.

At the beginning of the pandemic, homicides and crime in general had a decrease because there were fewer people on the streets, but as summer arrived and the economy reactivated, the numbers began to climb and surpassed those of last year.

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