The man was found guilty and awaits his sentence that could be up to two and a half years in addition to being registered as a sexual harasser

Grotesque: Palmdale man placed semen on coworker's belongings

Authorities claim that Stevens Millancastro also contaminated the victim’s keyboard with semen.

Photo: La Palma Police Department

A male resident of the Palmdale area was found guilty of several counts of sexual harassment and awaits conviction after having placed his semen in belongings from a co-worker.

Stevens Millancastro was obsessed with his co-worker and harassed her in such a way that it led to the unpleasant act of put his sperm in honey, water and keyboard of a woman identified as Jane Doe by authorities.

The man was found guilty last Monday by Orange County Superior Court Judge Kathleen Roberts and awaits her conviction on October 6. The facts would have occurred between late 2016 and early 2017 in the place where they worked together since 2014 in La Palma, California.

Millancastro is accused of masturbating in the office on La Palma twice in November and December 2016, placing his semen in the victim’s honey pot, “prosecutors said in a statement cited by. The woman I would have consumed the honey without suspecting the fact.

Then, in January 2017, Jane Doe reportedly denounced her bosses find your water bottle looking cloudy, so they decided to install a security camera. AND lor that revealed the material recorded by the cameras days later, managed to have enough evidence to accuse the man.

Millancastro was recorded entering Jane Doe’s office just before she found semen traces on your keyboard and mouse. After the fact, that day he reported it to the La Palma Police.

The man will meet his sentence at the beginning of October and faces up to 2 and a half years in prison in addition to being registered for life as a sexual harasser.

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