Police say scammers use various tricks and the public "must be alert and alert"

Government check begins to arrive, but watch out for fraud, LAPD warns

The LAPD clarified that the money will be delivered by direct deposit.

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The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) released a warning to the community on Wednesday., about possible frauds to defraud people with their checks economic relief, which began to be delivered from Tuesday by the federal government due to the emergency of the coronavirus.

"If someone calls you (by phone) or knocks on your door to inquire about the issue of economic stimulus it may very well be an attempt to steal your identity"Said the police department.

The economic stimulus check is not a paper; that is it has no form of a real check.

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He LAPD He clarified that the money, even if it bears that "check" name, will be delivered by direct deposit by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

He added that there is no need to fill out any forms and that The government also does not ask for any advance payment to process the process. to receive financial relief.

Police said that scammers are employing a number of tricks during the health emergency by COVID-19 and that therefore the public "must be alert and alert".

Among some tricks, mentioned the fraud that has to do with kits to get coronavirus tests at home or products that are supposed to cure or treat the disease. The LAPD said that none of this exists today.

He added that you shouldn't buy any apparent vaccines from people posing as Health Department or government workers because the goal is only to get hold of your personal information.


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