The changes imposed by the coronavirus are imposed on the life and death of people

Glendale Funeral Home offers ceremonies using the drive-thru style

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, traditional funerals are impossible to perform.


Currently the conventional wakes where families gathered for hours in small spaces are impossible to perform due to coronavirusHowever, a funeral home of Glendale, California has included a new style of ceremony in its services.

The funeral home Glendale Funeral Home made his first ceremony offering a drive-thru service. Hold the wake in this way allowed relatives to extend condolences to family members and to say goodbye to the deceased while respecting social distancing and public meetings.

It is painful for any family to lose a loved one and it is even more painful not to be able to say goodbye to a traditional wake, but unfortunately the coronavirus has brought changes to life and death.

In addition to the visit of 40 vehicles, the ceremony It was broadcast live on the social network Facebook through a private group for family and friends who could not attend, according to ABC7 who spoke with the owner of the place.

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