The campaign is sponsored by a partnership between the East Los Angeles Community Corporation, Inclusive Action and Public Counsel.

Fund created to financially assist Los Angeles street vendors

A street vendor on a Los Angeles city street.

Aurelia Ventura / The Opinion

The income of many merchants and county workers The Angels have been seen strongly affected due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Street sellers they are no exception and have seen a significant economic impact on their income due to the little influx of people on the streets by mandatory quarantine.

That is why a alliance between East Los Angeles Community Corporation, Inclusive Action by the City and Public Counsel has created the donation campaign public Street Vendor Emergency Fund.

The campaign seeks raise $ 50,000 to distribute among the affected street vendors. "These funds will help them pay the rent, buy food and support the loss of income they are facing due to the low influx of people on the streets.”, They affirm in the description of the donation campaign.

If you want to make a contribution you can do it here.


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