The housing unit has 46 units and is located in southern Los Angeles

From being destitute to having a roof to sleep in: they inaugurate homes for the homeless

Mayor Eric Garcetti, at the opening of the home for homeless people.

Courtesy, Major Eric Garcetti

The Ayala family had been sleeping in his car during almost a year and a half. The children They had to pass cold and hardship since they ran from where they lived, in The Angels. But now, the situation changed: they are one of the lucky families that will begin to live in the new housing development that city he has constructed for help the homeless.

This was reported by the chain Univision, by reporting the inauguration of the first permanent support housing project funded by Proposition HHH, which had been announced for almost three years. The event happened on Monday, with the presence of the mayor Eric Garcetti

As Garcetti explained, there are 150 projects in the city, and even more so in Los Angeles County, where the situation of homeless people has reached a crisis.

The house is located in the corner of Vermont Ave and the 88th street, in the southern area of ​​Los Angeles, and has 46 units or departments, with which more than one hundred people will be supported in the building. On the other hand, it was known that work is already being done on the construction of near 11,500 housing units for the less favored.


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