(Article partner) Since the election of Donald Trump, it is difficult to comment on the evolution of the US economy. Economic growth is expected to slow sharply in 2019.

In these times of uncertainty, real estate is more than ever a safe haven. Investing in an apartment in France to rent it is now the investment that offers the best profitability without taking major risk. In addition, with the digitization of the real estate sector, it is now possible to invest remotely in a safe and reliable way, without having to move.

Protection against the hazards of life

Invest in rental real estate in one of the major French cities that are Paris, Bordeaux and Lyon is the best way to secure your capital. By putting your money in the stone, you build a heritage that will serve as a safety net throughout your life. So, you prepare your retirement, your expatriation return or the return of your children to France, by investing in a property that you can then pass on.

If real estate has always been a safe haven, it is because it offers guarantees that no other investment can match. You can make it on credit, its market value hardly ever decreases over the long term and your investment is not impacted by inflation. In addition, the use value of the stone remains constant since you can always rent this property and earn income.

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Regular rents

Investing in an apartment in France to rent it is also the best way to collect additional income every month. If at first these rents go to repay your loanyou will have in a second time a rent for life. A non-negligible sum that will allow you to carry out your projects, to finance the studies of your children or to compensate for a possible loss of income when you retire.

This "second salary" can also help you face expenses specific to French expatriates settled in the United States. In particular the care, the schooling of the children or the rents sometimes very high of certain big American cities.


Another non-negligible advantage of a rental investment is that it is financed almost entirely on credit. You become the owner thanks to the money of the bank that you repay each month thanks to the rents of the tenants. On arrival, you build a heritage without spending a penny or so. This is called theleverage. Once your first loan is repaid, you then have even more facilities to invest again on credit, and so on. This is the virtuous circle of rental investment.

Attractive rates, even from the USA

To maximize this leverage effect, it is important to take advantage of the relatively low mortgage rates charged by French banks. If the trend should pick up again in 2019, the rates are still very advantageous. There is still time to negotiate a loan on very advantageous terms.

And if it is true that some financial institutions make the conditions of access to loans more difficult for French expatriates in the United States (mainly because of FATCA), you will achieve your ends by being well accompanied.

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An investment in France without leaving the United States

Finally, contrary to what one might think, investing in France when one lives abroad does not necessarily force one to go back and forth between one's country of residence and France.

Today, it is entirely possible to manage your real estate project remote by being accompanied by real estate professionals. My expat, for example, accompanies you in every step of your investment, from the beginning to the end: research of the good, virtual visits, power of attorney, study of your project and signature of the deed of sale. It is therefore possible to invest in real estate in France from the United States with confidence, without moving.

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