Tomorrow will be another day … For the whole world and perhaps even more for these French entrepreneur-travelers, whose company, created abroad, is most often still in the growth phase. In this issue 3 of “Rebound”, the special coronavirus podcast, we give the floor for the second time to some of the French Bosses we have met in the last eighteen months, before the Covid 19 pandemic. the way they hope to rebound at the end of a crisis that has left the less strong among them practically exhausted … Which is not the case for any of our guests of the week.

Around the microphone of “Bouncing” today: Fabrice Grinda, businessman, investor, entrepreneur, who divides his time between New York and the Caribbean. Emilie Corel founder of the real estate agency Keys to London. And Philippe Cahuzac, whose modern furniture – Gaia Design – is tearing itself away, in Mexico City where it is established, but also across the entire South American continent. And each of them has good reason to hope.

Listen to “French Boss special coronavirus. ”Bounce, episode 3 ″ on Spreaker.


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