Our guest of French Boss no longer has, in her fifties, any other professional dream, than that of contributing – from Los Angeles where she currently lives – to the emergence of a growing number of French unicorns. And, if possible, in the realm of luxury and beauty. Because during 20 years of professional life, Odile Roujol held very high positions in houses whose only name makes dream any lover of luxury, Chanel, Saint-Laurent … Before feeling the imperative need to change horizon and therefore to House. Data will be replaced by luxury. Lancôme will succeed Orange. And this revelation for Odile that these two universes, by getting closer, can bring a lot to each other.

This observation will serve as a springboard for the second part of his career. At the beginning of 2020, Odile created Fab Ventures, an investment fund intended to help the luxury sector to grow thanks to new technologies. A few months later, nearly fifteen start-ups have already benefited from this aid. Fab Ventures and Odile Roujol, the simple story of a woman “business angel”.

Listen to “Episode 31: Odile Roujol” on Spreaker.


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